Anas Abunahleh

Choreographer, Multi-disciplinary performer

Anas Abunahleh is a self-taught multi-disciplinary performer, choreographer. He started break-dance when he was 14 years old with his brother Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh. Like many other selves- taught street artists, they started to practice dance on the street of Amman without any training, guidance and support.

After more than 10 years of practice and advocating for dance development in the country, Anas and Abd co-founded a platform called Studio 8 for aspiring young people to showcase their potential, and the need for opportunities which provide inclusive creative projects that are crucial for allowing the dance to thrive and survive in Jordan.

From 2017, Anas has choreographed and co-directed 3 dance productions with art installations. The installations and performance envision altogether a future where the lines between dance, design, architecture, circus arts, and science are crossed.

In 2017, Anas represented Studio 8 in ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts) Congress in New York and became a listed member of ISPA.


C H O R E O G R A P H I C    E X P E R I E N C E

Ya Beirut – Conceptualization, Choreographer – a dance piece which is inspired by the creation of sign language: the desire to communicate is the primal spark that drives people to sign language; the longing to seek to bring oneself out of the darkness that is imposed up by varies limitation.

The Unwritten New Normal – Conceptualization, Choreographer, Performer – a collective production between Studio 8 and German visual artist and sociological researcher Stephanie Müller.

Mechanics of Movement – Choreographer, Performer – a live dance performance inspired by Laban movement analysis, with the Icosahedron forms the focal point of the piece, with four performers explore the underlying principles of movement, as part of the In/Out Festival curated and organized by Factory, an annual festival by Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The Icosahedron remains in the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park after the performance, constantly sending invitations to curious minds and wandering hands to hundreds of visitors from autumn 2019 till now.

Wujoud wa Hodoud – Choreographer, Performer – a 60-minute-multidisciplinary performance draw personal stories of land, nation, division and struggle into the body and voice of eight Arab artists, Amman, Jordan

   Performed in AUC Falaki Theater, Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF), Cairo, Egypt
   Performed National Center for Culture & Arts, Amman, Jordan
   Performed Al Hussein Cultural Center, Hakaya Festival, Amman, Jordan
   Performed Al-shams Theater, International Dance Encounter Amman(IDEA), Amman, Jordan

Space Harmony – Choreographer, Performer – a one-of-a-kind live dance performance with an interactive dancing installation. The live performance took place in Darat al Funun which is a cultural centre surrounded by a garden and the ruins of a Byzantine church in the heart Amman, Jordan. This performance had a long lasting impact with more than a thousand people enjoyed the experience of exploring and playing with interactive dancing installation in a period of five months after the initial live performance.


D A N C E    E X P E R I E N C E

2019 Wujoud wa Hodoud – produced by Studio 8, directed by Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, AUC Falaki Theater, Cairo, Egpyt; Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan; National Center for Culture & Arts, Amman, Jordan; Al Hussein Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan.

2019 Mechanics of Movement – produced by Studio 8, directed by Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, In/Out Festival, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park, Abdali Empty Land, Amman, Jordan.

2017 Space Harmony – produced by Studio 8, directed by Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh, Opening of the third Exhibition of Darat al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation 30th Anniversary Celebration, Amman, Jordan.

2016 Ana Nas – produced by Studio 8, a short film of Anas and his Circus Skills Toys —– cir-wheel, fire spinning equipment, wobbly cube, stilts and more.