Xiaoman Ren

Visual Artist, Cultural Development

Ren is a visual artist studied Graphic Design in Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design, UK. Her passion is to constantly try out new techniques that are related to performing arts, theatre and dance in all its divisions including puppet-making, on stage art installations, kinetic art, experimental music and unconventional theatrical costumes as well as producing and directing short films.


2009-2013 Graphic Design, Bachelor, Central Saint Martins, UK

C R E A T I V E   E X P E R I E N C E

Out to sea? Plastic Garbage Project – Installation Art, Workshop Conductor ​- For this exhibition organized the Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, Drosos Foundation and partnership with the Design Museum of Zurich in Amman, Ren created 4 art installations:

1. An Floating Aquarium made of recycle plastic installation

2. An origami installation & a wall painting inspired by red sea sardine run

3. A set of 8 Fish pendant lamps

Additionally, Ren had ran more than 10 children workshops of creating sea creatures.

Tales of the Golden Corpse – Conceptualization, Puppet design, Puppet making, Set Design ​- an animation project “of cycle of tales, comprised within a frame narrative from Tibet. Five characters of tales are designed reflecting the distinct costumes of the three major regions of Tibet and an animated movie series is in the process.

Wujoud wa Hodoud – Installation Art, Workshop Conductor ​- With the title, “Wojoud” means “Existence” and “Hodoud” means “Borders” in Arabic, this performance tells personal stories of land, nation, division and struggle of 8 Arab dancers. For this production, visual artist Ren worked with two choreographers, exploring the indeterminate or ‘chance’ aspect of the dance performance, as the performers dance through “shapes” and “lines” created by an extensive fiber optic installation. ​