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Quo Vadis Dance Company

Al Shams theater




Adspectus is a dance piece of Quo Vadis Dance Company which is inspired by the mentality, the manipulation of space and the overall aesthetics of the famous graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

It reflects on the development of his perception through the years by drawing elements from numerous of his creations. The interplay between the perspectives and dimensions is enhanced by geometrical installations that are part of the choreography all along the piece.





Al Shams theater

Choreography: Stella Mavroidi, Danai Panou, Zafeiria Tsirakaki

Performers: Stella Mavroidi, Danai Panou, Zafeiria Tsirakaki, Marina Sasli

Original Score: Petros Voudouris (Pridon)

Scenery Creation: Sick My Duck.Lab

Stage Assistant: Nick Kosmas

Technical Assistant: Orestis Alexiadis

Photo: Nikos Maliakos George Ataxis

Quo Vadis Dance Company

Quo Vadis is an Athens based dance company from Greece that was founded by the choreographer Zafeiria Tsirakaki in July 2017. Its members are new, active dancers and creators who seek to travel their work through the world, collaborating and exchanging movement and culture knowledge. So far the company has created seven dance pieces: «3in the morning» 2017-2018 «Hop On!»,2017 «The Goodbyes» 2018.«Adspectus» 2018, «Fates»2018, «Talk to me» 2019, «The Cré 創造» 2019.