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Amman Trilogy: Part 1 - 7ariga

Shireen Talhouni (Jordan)

Tue 19 Sept 2023 | 8:40 pm – 9:10 pm
National Center For Culture & Arts (NCCA)

Shireen Talhouni (Jordan)

National Center For Culture & Arts (NCCA)

Jordanian Production



Amman Trilogy: Part 1 - 7ariga

In Naguib Mahfouz’s seminal literary work Cairo Trilogy, the city of Cairo is mapped phenomenologically in three stories. The reader experiences the atmosphere of the city and witnesses it come alive through words on a paper.

Amman Trilogy pays tribute to the urban trilogy literary format where the experience of being in the city is expressed physically and sonically through three short stories that take place after midnight.

Part 1: 7ariga reflects on the biblical history of the territory where an act violence within an imagined story acts as a meditation point on faith and spiritual awakening. At its crux the moment becomes at once a salvation and undoing.


Tue 19 Sept 2023 | 8:40 pm – 9:10 pm


National Center For Culture & Arts (NCCA)

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Concept, performer: Shireen Talhouni

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Stories of the maker

Shireen Talhouni is an artist and choreographer from Amman, Jordan.

Started from architecture to choreography, Shireen once shared her stories to an interviewer:

I spent a decade doing architecture, and I got a job at an amazing practice, and it should have been great.

All around me, other people were so happy doing their jobs. But for me something was wrong.

A part of me felt that sitting in a chair listening to really amazing music and drawing toilets was boring. Outside of work I was doing martial arts – muay tai and jiu jitsu – at a really cool gym.

I’m not a violent person, but when we started sparring I found it really poetic because I had to think on my toes and improvise.

Somehow being faced with physical violence made me feel alive. I made peace with the fear of violence and I wanted to move more. I was going to a lot of dance performances and I started thinking to myself ‘I could do that’.

So I quit my job…

For the whole interview: click here.

Come and talk to Shireen Talhouni at our Round Table during the festival. 

Shireen Talhouni

Shireen Talhouni is a Jordanian Circassian choreographer and architect based in Amman.

She is a graduate of the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance and founder of dance training and research platform, Contemporary Amman.

Shireen has presented works at The Yard Theatre and The Place Resolution Festival in London and Darat Al Funun Gallery and Amman Design Week in Amman. Her last work ‘Homemade’ premiered independently at the Haya Centre in 2018.

In 2022 she choreographed ‘Seasons: MISK’ for MISK Dance Company which premiered at the Amman Contemporary Dance Festival. In addition to choreographing Shireen is conducting practice based research on invisible structural systems that govern territory and body through Jawaherxx0, a hyper feminine alter ego, icon and transmission vehicle.

At the core of her work, she focuses on the body and its relationship to the environment.

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