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Interdisciplinary Playground Workshop

Sat 25 Sept  | 3 pm – 6 pm

Sun 26 Sept  | 4 pm – 7 pm

Mon 27 Sept  | 4 pm – 7 pm

Al Balad theater

Angela Stoecklin, Antje Brueckner

Al Balad theater

Capacity Building



Interdisciplinary Playground Workshop

“Have you ever wondered at the thoughts, imaginations and imagery that happen at the very same moment in the minds of the surrounding people, or those in that city or country or world…?”

This 3-day-workshops focuses on a case study of an installative performance – “ghosts”, (Spazio Ludens2).

Creator of this performance will walk you through their journey of making an interdisciplinary work that explores spatial material situations, space-body relationships, light-sound-movement relationships, and more.

Teacher: Angela Stoecklin, Antje Brueckner

Duration: 3 days 

Capacity: 8-10 people

These workshops are part of an Interdisciplinary program that consists of 6 workshops, from 2 Swiss professional artists specialized in such topics: 

  • movement in space
  • light and sound
  • musicality in movement, space and light 

Through case study, and hands-on experience, participants will be introduced to how to create performative installative spaces, moving spatial-sensuous experiences, translating movement into spatiality, engaging public space, etc.

Program details: 

  1. Dramaturgy Workshop ( 120 min )
  2. Lighting Design Workshop ( 120 min )
  3. Movement Composition Workshop ( 120 min )
  4. Three-Day-Intensive-Workshop ( 550 min )


Sat 25 Sept 2021 | 3 pm – 6 pm

Sun 26 Sept 2021 | 4 pm – 7 pm

Mon 27 Sept 2021 | 4 pm – 7 pm


Al Balad Theater




Central to the ethos of our Festival is providing opportunities for members of the wider community to participate in dance. We believe using our bodies, voices or in-animating objects to express is an essential part of the human experience.

This workshop was made possible with the support of: 

Antje Brueckner

Born 1960 in Germany, Wiesbaden grew up in Switzerland, Canton Zurich.

Looking back Brueckner sees that in her work the different layers of the visual and performative arts have merged already from very early on.

Currently Brueckner works part-time at Sogar theater, a literary theater in Zurich (www.sogar.ch).

As freelancer she creates lighting concepts for dance and theater, lastly for Rebellas (www.rebelle-art.ch) and Anna Heinimann(www.heinimanna.ch).

Brueckner and choreographer and artist Angela Stoecklin connects through a long-term collaboration from multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

Angela Stoecklin

Angela Stoecklin grew up in Iran and Nepal and has been living in Switzerland since 1979.

She attended art school in Basel and received her dance education at ch-Tanztheater Zurich. She holds a Master of Arts BFH in Contemporary Arts Practise.

Stoecklin has danced for numerous contemporary companies and productions in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium.

She further created choreography, performative and installation pieces, short to full-length productions, solo and interdisciplinary projects, and does intercultural work. She explores the multilayered facets of communication and perception and explores process-oriented approaches.

Stoecklin founded the fusion projects in 2008 encompass works of interaction between different art forms.

In 2019, Stoecklin launched the Festival Instant Composition in Zurich in collaboration with the Zirkusquartier. 

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