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Shape of moving waves


Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts


Artistic Residency


Shape of moving waves - Group version

A group of Jordanian participants from different backgrounds took part in an artistic residency led by Enrico Paglialunga & Giacomo Mattogno. The results of the residency was presented in Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts as part of International Dance Encounter Amman (IDEA) festival.

This residency is called “Shape of moving waves – Group version”. It was led by dancer & choreographer Enrico Paglialunga and the musician & composer Giacomo Mattogno.
In 2018, they initiated a project called InCapsula. The residency is part of InCapsula exploring the theme of the physics of sound in a creation strongly inspired by the culture and the background of the local artists involved. 





Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Concept: InCapsula 
Choreography: Enrico Paglialunga 
Original Music (Live): Giacomo Mattogno – Junction To Humanity
Dance: Qased Ihsan, Rashmi Yeolekar, Mariam Amer, Raneem Wajeeh Nahhas,Yazan Issa, Suhaib Khalel, Ahmad Shaker Alfaleh, Akka Hamdan, الطيب رزق, Elias Shaheen, Ahmad Maher Haniya, Ammar Daoud, Ibrahim Al-Sakhni
Assistance: Maysam Nasier, and Shams theater group
A special thanks goes to Al Balad theater for its generous support for the residency.


InCapsula is a Berlin-based artistic project curated by the composer Giacomo Mattogno and performer-choreographer Enrico Paglialunga. Seeking out for experimental collaborations, we aim to develop an innovative fusion of arts accessible to everyone with the desire to involve professional artists as well as amateurs that usually remains extraneous to contemporary art. InCapsula world is made of: performances, live music concerts powered by NordpathRecords, laboratories for amateurs&professionals and public participation formats.