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Mehdi Dahkan / Cie Jil Z (Morocco)

Sun 17 Sept 2023 | 7 pm – 7:30 pm
MMAG foundation

Mehdi Dahkan / Cie Jil Z (Morocco)

MMAG foundation



Subject to

This solo explores the power of silence as a tool of resistance.

In a society filled with noise, constant stimulation and the incessant need to be heard at all times, silence reveals its transformative power by enabling the transmission of subtle nuances, unexpressed emotions and hidden meanings.

In this solo, Mehdi calls for a deliberate pause and invites us to plunge into an intimate space where he shares his unspoken truths.


Sun 17 Sept 2023 | 7 pm – 7:30 pm

MMAG foundation

Entry is completely free! 

It’s first come, first serve and we are expecting to fill out fast so get down early!

If you have any questions, Direct Message (DM) us on instagram!

Conception: Mehdi Dahkan 

External eye: Younes Atbane 

Mentoring: Nedjma Hadj Benchelabi – Shaymaa Shoukry

Photography: Arthur Tainturier

With the support of: Goethe institut Kairo – HAU Hebbel Am Ufer. 

Residencies: Grand Théâtre de Genève – Festival Rencontres à l’échelle, laboratoire ‘Métamorph’.

This exchange is supported by the Fertile Ground programme of Prince Claus Fund.

This performance was made possible at IDEA festival with the support of: 

Stories of the maker

Mehdi Dahkan is a Moroccan young artist with a passion for contributing to a better world through culture and art and he would love to share his experiences of 

  • finding his own voice with an innovative and interesting artistic practice that addresses pressing social/political issues important within their local context;
  • receiving little to no institutional recognition/support for his artistic/cultural practices but searching for his way of surviving and striving.

Mehdi will talk with audiences after his performance. He will also be with you at our Round Table during the festival.

Further more, Mehdi is a Prince Claus Fund Seed Awards recipient in 2021,  among 100 brilliant artists and creatives from more than 70 countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and Eastern Europe.


Mehdi Dahkan

Mehdi Dahkan is a Moroccan dancer and choreographer. He started exploring urban practices such as hiphop and parkour at the age of 12, his curiosity led him to different styles of dance such as Bollywood and then contemporary dance, as a performer, he has worked with several choreographers in the Maghreb and Europe.

In 2019, he founded the Cie Jil Z, a dance company based in Tangier, Morocco. As a choreographer, he seeks to present thought-provoking performances inspired by social issues facing Moroccan, Arab, and African youth.

Mehdi’s work has been presented in several festivals in Belgium, Ireland, France, Egypt, Tunisia, Germany… Through his work, he questions the politics of space and the body by integrating urban and contemporary practices.

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