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5- 15 Oct
Studio 8

Tue 16 Oct | 2 pm – 3 pm
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 

Benno Voorham, Shadi Ali, Xiaoman Ren

Studio 8

Capacity Building


Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 





The project “Uprooted” looks into questions around identity and how we could strengthen children and youngsters with a refugee background that live in marginalized and underprivileged circumstances.

It is a creative capacity building workshop training series for young artists and cultural workers with an interest in working with (marginalized) children or youth within different communities.

The workshops will offer an interdisciplinary approach, combining music/voice, with dance/movement, as well as working with visual arts.

The result of the project was presented during a performative event that is open for the public, on the 16th of October, at 2:00 pm, at Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.


5- 15 Oct 2021


Studio 8


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Tue 16 Oct 2021 | 2 pm – 3 pm


Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 



Concept: Benno Voorham, Shadi Ali Shadi, Xiaoman Ren

Performer: Madeeh Jaber, Romel Rabbaa, Mariam Wasfi, Nashaat al-hasn, Malak al-singlawi, Hiba Antar, Ahmad al- qaisi, Marah Rimawi, Jasmin Shalaldeh, Abdalelah Aljawarneh

Special thanks to Wafa’ Quotousa, Maisam Nasser

This residency was made possible with the support of: 

Benno Voorham

Benno Voorham is a dance artist living in Sweden since 1995. In recent years he has created productions with different groups of marginalized children: HOME with social orphans in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus. In 1997, Benno Voorham and Sybrig Dokter has founded Lava-Dansproduktion. For more than 20 years, LAVA-Dansproduktion has been involved in numerous teaching and performance projects in Sweden and various Eastern European countries.

In many of the projects we have collaborated with dance artists, actors and physical performers. By returning regularly to many of the countries where we have been invited to bring our work to, we have built relations and collaborations with dance artists that stretch over many years.

Shadi Ali Shadi

Shadi Ali Shadi is a singer/songwriter,actor, voice-over artist and a music producer. He graduated from “Damascus conservatory/Opera Department” as a classical baritone singer (2008) He became known as the lead singer of Syrian rock band “Gene”.

Shadi is now based in Stockholm. His first collaboration with the Swedish music scene was in “Carmen” at Dalhalla and touring in Sweden as a baritone soloist in Folkoperan’s “Förklädd Gud”. Since 2017 he started working with “Ornina orchestra”.

Xiaoman Ren

Ren is a visual artist studied Graphic Design in Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design, UK. Her passion is to constantly try out new techniques that are related to performing arts, theatre and dance in all its divisions including puppeteering, on stage art installations, kinetic art, experimental music and unconventional theatrical costumes as well as producing and directing short films.

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