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WIP for one

MaiOui Danse Arts

Al Shams theater



WIP for one

Let each movement naturally explain its original meaning. It must live on its own, without effort, without purpose.

Appreciate it with justice and benevolence, contemplate the energy which gives it birth and life.

In this work, the dancer dressed in an industrial dress, moves with a very sober décor, contact with a heavy wooden board, which is as white as him. This large board structures and frames his expression liberty, its shadow and its movements are constrained by its weight and format.





Al Shams theater

Dance: Dai Jian 

Choreography: Dai Jian

Supported By: Drac Auvergne Rhone-Alpes, CND Lyon, Théâtre Pied Nu, Le Croiseur

Dai Jian, and MaiOui Danse Arts

The Chinese-American artist Dai Jian, is the artistic director of the France-based company MaiOui Danse arts since 2017. After dancing with Trisha Brown Dance Company, Shen Wei Dance Arts and Jin Xing Dance Arts, he has begun choreographing his own works as a free-lance artist with roots in contemporary dance, classical dance, and Martial Arts. His creations focus on improvisations, performance installations and visual art, he has also collaborated with a wide range of artists from different fields.