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Workshop with Joshua Monten

Joshua Monten

Al Shams theater



Workshop with Joshua Monten

The choreographer Joshua Monten will offer a  two-hour-choreographic-workshop based on the material in “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo.” The workshop will begin with a 45-minute contemporary dance warm-up. After that, the choreographer will discuss the working methods used to create “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo,” which involve a mixture of dance and theater elements. Participants will be invited to creatively explore these methods, both with improvisation and by composing new dance sequences. 

Duration: 120 minutes
Given by: Joshua Monten
This program is support by Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Pro Helvetia Cairo, Kultur Stadt Bern, SWISSLOS / Culture Canton de Berne.





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Central to the ethos of our Festival is providing opportunities for members of the wider community to participate in dance. We believe using our bodies, voices or in-animating objects to express is an essential part of the human experience.

Joshua Monten

The Swiss-American choreographer Joshua Monten was born near New York City and studied literature and cultural anthropology at Duke University before beginning his dance studies. In 2012 Joshua founded his own dance company which has subsequently given hundreds performances at festivals and theaters around the world. Joshua regularly choreographs for ballet, opera, theater and freelance dance productions.