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Wujoud wa Hodoud

Studio 8

Al Shams theater



Wujoud wa Hodoud

The word “Wojoud” meaning “Existence” and the word “Hodoud” meaning “Borders” in Arabic, together draw personal stories of land, nation, division and struggle into the body and voice of eight Arab artists.

This dance production is a 60-minute-piece that combines technology with the human form, as well as scripted intentionality with spontaneity, into a kinetic narrative of the human condition.





Al Shams theater

Concept/Director: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh

Choreographer: Anas Nahleh

Dance: Anas Nahleh, Emran Alamareen, Mohammad Qattan, Amer Ibrahim Dhman, Daniel issa, Omar Murra, Jalal Abu Khadejeh, Mahmoud Ahmad

Original Score: Zaid Sajdi

Light Designer: Jiří Šmirk

Studio 8

Studio 8 is a non-profit company based in Amman, Jordan. Studio 8 is a capacity building project that creates forward-thinking, cutting-edge dance works. It also is an educational project that provides training and provides resources that help performing artists to develop sustainable, prosperous careers. ​ It offers a creative space which serves as a hub for the performing arts, a welcoming space that brings the dance community together.